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POST: True Doctrine & Homosexuality

In Mormonism the word Doctrine is important, even crucial.  It is so important that members are counseled when teaching to stick to the Doctrine.  We reinforce this with scriptures like D&C 88:77 “teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom” And entire lessons structured and centered around “Teaching the Doctrine” Doctrinal boundaries are so important […]

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PREMIUM: Excommunication Extravaganza

Today I sit down with Chris Bloxham and we go into the details of 7 little known but interesting Church Discipline actions in LDS Church history.  Some of these stories include facts and humor that may be deemed as offensive or upsetting and we suggest that listeners be sure to not have children around and if […]

259: Samuel Brown – Joseph Smith and Translation

Today we sit down to talk to Sam Brown LDS author and scholar and discuss the upcoming conference “New Perspectives on Joseph Smith and Translation” that is taking place on March 16th 2017 from 9am to 5:30pm at Utah State University and is free to the public. We talk about the conference, translation, and Book of […]

258: Duane Miller – Living Among the Breakage

Today I sit down with Duane Alexander Miller, author of “Living Among the Breakage: Contextual Theology-Making and Ex-Muslim Christians”  Duane tells us about the transition that Muslims entering Christianity are making.  The disruption or “faith crisis” they are having in islam, what it means to leave their faith and what transitions and adaptations they make enter […]

256: Those Who Doubt – Part 1

We did an episode recently title “Who is the Doubter” where we explored the data about Latter-day Saints who have serious doubts.  We explored where they are finding information, what is their education, Socioeconomic status, level of activity, and their growth. Today we pick up and share some of their stories.  There are around a […]

255: Who Is The Doubter?

Today we sit down and discuss the a study done to delve into who is the doubting Mormon.  A study was done and presented to top LDS Leaders on the topic.  Today we delve into the data and find out what is known about these folks and what we know about the growth of this […]

To Our Loved Ones: The Struggle Is Real

This audio program is hosted by Bill Reel, an active faithful Latter-day Saint who has himself gone through a difficult and painful crisis of faith and has remained active in the Church.  This program is for the loved ones of those struggling in hopes for understanding and a safe space to have conversations. You likely received […]

254: Tension and Paradox of The Temple Interview

As I have attended various firesides and opened myself up to Questions and Answers, what seems to be the most interesting points is the specific ways I reconcile tensions in Mormonism.  Recently in particular a group of folks were deeply intrigued at how I approach a Temple Interview.  That for them there is such a […]

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PREMIUM: Amanda and The Chosen Generation

Today we sit down with Amanda, a recently returned Missionary.  We talk about her being raised to explore the questions, her Mission to New Jersey, and her agenda to love and to serve.  She talks about the World not needing more Mormons and she talks about not letting rules get in the way of people. […]

POST: Not So Modest Stipends Stifling Faith

Recently due to some leaked documents the general membership learned at least roughly what our leaders get paid.  We know that Elder Eyring in the year 2000 was paid roughly $90k and that in 2014 all top male leaders were informed that they were having their “base living allowance” increased from $116,400 to $120k.  The […]

Ward or Stake Resource: Help Thou Mine Unbelief

STAKE HANDOUT HELP THOU MINE UNBELIEF BY STUDY AND BY FAITH: Suggestions and Resources to Work Through Questions Related to LDS Church History, Doctrine, and Social Issues In the Church, we value truth and we value those who seek after it. Joseph Smith once said, “Mormonism is Truth.” He encouraged the Saints to let truth […]

252: Mormonism For Beginners

Today I sit down with Stephen Carter and Jett Atwood, respectively the Author and Illustrator of “Mormonism For Beginners” and “iPlates”.  Stephen also happens to be the Editor of Sunstone Magazine.  We talk about their faith journies, their love of writing and art, and what went into their comic series “iPlates” and their newest book […]

EXTRA: Radio Free Christmas 2016

Today “Radio Free Mormon” continues with its newest episode “Radio Free Christmas”.  This will be a nice segue between the recent Historical Jesus episodes and the celebration of the birth of our Lord.  In Celebration of Christmas, Radio Free Mormon gives us the rest of the story on the nativity story in Radio Free Mormon fashion. […]