220: Patrick Mason – Planted

Today I sit down with Patrick Mason, LDS scholar and author of the new book “Planted”.  We talk about doubt, the struggle that a faith transition is.  We talk about the messiness of issues and what is needed for us to better support our struggling brothers and sisters.  Patrick takes on all questions and pulls […]

207: Nephi’s Faith Transition

Today we jump back into the Book of Mormon, right to the beginning….. with Nephi.  We use his story to demonstrate that even men of God shift in their faith and beliefs, scriptural characters are not stagnant, the story is not always what we think it is, and most importantly the scriptures truly do point […]

192: The Collective Church

Today we sit down and discuss the word CHURCH.  How is it used in Christian scripture?  How is it used in Restoration scripture?  Is it possible we have misunderstood this word?  Today I make the argument that we have.  That this is one more point we may have overstated and overreached.  While we seem to […]

184: Robert Kirby: Pancake Sunday

Today I sit down with the Salt Lake Tribunes’s funny man Robert Kirby.  We talk about his life, how he ended up at the Tribune, how he has handled his own faith transition, and lastly we discuss pancakes.   We hit on his humor as a tool and coping mechanism in his life and what […]

149: When We Get It Wrong

Today we talk about when we get it wrong!  Can we speak out when we get it wrong or is criticism of any kind uncalled for.   What if what a leader says does unreconcilable, irrevocable, unrepairable damage?  What if young people are living alone in tents in the winter and some who becoming so depressed […]

122: Brian Hauglid: The Book of Abraham

Today I sit down with LDS Scholar Brian Hauglid as we talk at length about the Book of Abraham.  We speak at length about the historical issues with the the Book of Abraham and what we are to make of those complexities.  I hope you enjoy this conversation and that it is helpful in your […]

113: Special Episode: Our Bad Days

We each have our bad days and our good days.  This podcast USUALLY tries to focus on positive ways to deal with the issues while dealing directly with the real questions.  Today is not that episode.  Like you I have bad days and bad weeks and even bad months.   Today is me talking out […]

109: Jeff Burton: For Those Who Wonder

D. Jeff Burton is the Author of the Book “For Those Who Wonder”  The book is written to help latter-day saints who find themselves on the fringes or “borderlands” of Mormonism.  For those who have doubts and are skeptical by nature, there is a place for you and Bro. Burton is living proof that one […]

104: Wendy Montgomery: Charity towards all

Today we sit down with Wendy Montgomery who tells the story of her son Jordan, who came out as Gay in 2012 as a young teenager.  She talks about her experience in the Church, how she hold out hope and leads with faith.  It is an inspiring story of how to handle big challenges and […]

101: Mitch Mayne: Mormon and Gay

Sometimes we assume that there is no room to be Gay and be Mormon….. but today we blow that false assumption right out of the water.  Today we also help LDS distinguish between Doctrine, Policy and Culture around this issue.  We tackle how to be more inclusive and how to bring all unto Christ. Today […]

098: 15 ways to help

I was asked in my stake to present my thoughts on what we can do to help both those with crippling doubts find faith and those without a crisis of faith to avoid them, and to also help leader, family, and friends be more supportive.  This episode is an out flow of that with the 15 points shared below […]

093: White Shirt Phenomena

Today I talk about “The White Shirt Phenomena”.  This is a great issue to use as a backdrop for our as a culture creating rules, believing they really are rules, and in the end there being no rule that exists.  This applies to dozens of private interpretations we make within our culture and how we […]

067: Repercussions of the LDS.org’s Race article

Today we talk about the far reaching repercussions beyond the sole issue of the priesthood ban.  I attempt to show our Church is growing up and while this announcement provides problematic issues to work on such as defining Doctrine and how we as members dissent it also shows great maturation of the Church and may […]

054: Terryl Givens: Crucible of Doubt

Terryl Givens, professor of literature and religion at the University of Richmond, where he holds the James A. Bostwick Chair in English.  He is the author of several books including “By The Hand of Mormon” and has a book approaching publishing called “The Crucible of Doubt”.  Terryl has been part of a series of firesides […]