3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public.  Become a subscriber today to access all episodes.  As you might expect, the sound quality is lower in the early episodes as the recording equipment and my comprehension of audio editing was just beginning.   Please enjoy.
Top 5 Favorites from my point of view (Host’s Bill Reel)
  Repercussions of the Race and the Priesthood article
  Garden of Eden: Literal or Figurative
  Called of God
  Was Jesus born on April 6th
  White Shirts

Top 5 episodes to help one see the nuance in Mormonism
  Called of God
  Tithing: Net or Gross
  Garden of Eden: Literal or Figurative
  True and Living Church
  Narrowing Down Doctrine with Jon Westover

Top 5 episodes to learn complex LDS History
  Brian Hales: Joseph Smith’s Polygamy
  Steven Harper: Accounts of the First Vision
  David Bokovoy: Authoring the Old Testament
  Brant Gardner: The Gift and Power
  Seer Stones and Treasure Digging

Top interviews with lay members
  Matt Francom PT1 … Francom Pt 2
  Karin Mecham: teenage pregnancy
  Brian Whitney PT 1 … Whitney PT2
  Britney Hartley PT1 … Hartley PT2
  John Montgomery
  Janet Eyring

Top 5 interviews explaining Faith Transition
  Terryl Givens: Crucible of Doubt
  Richard Bushman: Rough Stone Rolling
  Mike Ask: Shaken Faith Syndrome
  Seth Payne: Pastoral Apologetics
  Joseph Smith and his Critics

Top Episodes dealing with Social Issues
  Mitch Mayne: Mormon and Gay
  Wendy Montgomery: Charity Never Faileth
  Caroline Kline: Mormon Women Have Their Say
  Claudia Bushman: Mormon Women Have Their Say
  Valerie Hudson: Mormon Feminist
  Amy Cartwright: Ordain Women

Complete Episode Archive by Month

2017-03 (March)
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – A Spirited Debate
    POST: True Doctrine & Homosexuality
    260: Justin Brierley – Unbelieveable
    RESOURCE: Generic Church Letter
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – The Amazing Contradicting Joseph Smith
    POST: Daniel Peterson and his 4 points on people leaving
    259: Samuel Brown – Joseph Smith and Translation
    258: Duane Miller – Living Among the Breakage
    POST: Alternative Voices and the Issues and Ideas that Lead People Away
    257: Those Who Doubt – Part 2
    256: Those Who Doubt – Part 1

2017-02 (February)
    255: Who Is The Doubter?
    To Our Loved Ones: The Struggle Is Real
    Post: Three Strikes…Am I Out?
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – Have LDS Apostles Seen Jesus?
    Post: My Testimony of the Restored Gospel
    How to set up tithing so your donations are confidential
    254: Tension and Paradox of The Temple Interview

2017-01 (January)
    253: Carol Lynn Pearson – Haunting Hearts & Heaven
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – Denying Church History
    POST: Faith Crisis And Penguins
    POST: Not So Modest Stipends Stifling Faith
    Ward or Stake Resource: Help Thou Mine Unbelief
    For My Wife And Children: Why People Doubt
    252: Mormonism For Beginners
    251: Resolution For Conversion – Trace Rogers
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – Make Way For Milk Strippings

2016-12 (December)
    EXTRA: Radio Free Christmas 2016
    POST: What it takes to keep us….. Can you do it?
    POST: Problems With a Global Flood
    250: Historical Jesus pt. 6 – Conclusion
    249: Historical Jesus pt. 5- Gospel of John
    248: Historical Jesus pt. 4- Gospel of Luke
    247: Historical Jesus pt. 3- Gospel of Mathew
    246: Historical Jesus pt. 2- Gospel of Q
    245: Historical Jesus pt. 1- Gospel of Mark
    244: Why They Leave
    POST: Faith Development for the Orthodox Believer
    243: Lesson On Obedience

2016-11 (November)
    Ask Bill Reel Anything
    POST: Meridian Magazine’s 8 Things That Can Pull You Away
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – Hiding Church History
    242: Suzette Smith – A Spiritual Journey
    RESOURCE: Stake/Ward Handout – Help Thou Mine Unbelief
    POST: Dear Orthodox Member, Will You Give me Space?
    241: Julie Smith – As Iron Sharpens Iron
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – The Reluctant Revelation
    POST: Duty Bound to Reject It!
    240: November 5th 2016 – 1 Year From The Policy
    239: Richard Ostler – Ministry of Love

2016-10 (October)
    238: The Holy Ghost Conundrum
    237: The Beauty That Is Mormonism
    EXTRA: Radio Free Mormon – The Great Mormon History Coverup
    236: Heavenly Family Earthly Families
    235: What My Faith Journey Taught Me
    234: Truthseeker

2016-09 (September)
    POST: The Dominant Narrative Is Not True
    233: Miracle Mike
    232: Jon Ogden – When Mormons Doubt
    231: The Adam God Historical Subterfuge
    230: Tower Of Babel
    229: Team Korihor

2016-08 (August)
    228: A Nuanced View to Joseph Smith’s Youth
    227: Warning Signs of an Unsafe Group
    POST: Various Voices In Mormonism
    226: Nuanced Approach to Doctrine
    225: A Nuanced View of The Church and God’s Plan
    POST: Mormonism is a Cafeteria Mormon
    224: Stepping off the Narrow Way

2016-07 (July)
    Sunstone Presentation July 2016: Handshakes & Drawn Swords
    223: Throwing In With Jesus
    POST: Data Points Every Orthodox Mormon Should Know
    222: Adam Miller Future Mormon

2016-06 (June)
    221: First Vision – The Founding Event Of The Restoration
    220: Patrick Mason – Planted
    219: Jerry Smith – Schooling Joseph
    218: Nuanced Lesson on Prophets
    217: Stages of Faith Series 4: Willow Creek

2016-05 (May)
    216: Heavenly Mother
    215: Supporting Spouses Of Those Who Doubt
    214: Alex Koritz: Faith Journey and Mormon Archeology
    213: Stages of Faith Series 3: Grace Valley
    212: Rethinking Stewardship
    211: Fraudulent Narrative of the Book of Mormon
    210: Stages of Faith Series 2: Covenant Church
    POST: The Church as a Father Figure

2016-04 (April)
    HANDOUT: Help Thou Mine Unbelief by Study and By Faith
    209: Sacrament Talk April 2016 Testimonies
    208: Stages of Faith Series 1: Revolutionary Spirituality
    POST: My Nuanced View of Mormonism
    POST: Across the Parking Lot
    207: Nephi’s Faith Transition
    POST: Reasons Why The Church Won’t / Will Change on Homosexuality
    206: Loyal Opposition
    POST: Questions Are To Be Honored

2016-03 (March)
    205: Tithing Part 1- Surplus
    204: The Michigan Artifacts with Alex Koritz
    POST: A Nuanced View Of Mormonism’s Changing Perspective On Homosexuality
    203: The Life and Trial of John W. Taylor
    202: The Language of Transition
    201: Robert Reynolds: Unstuck
    This Saturday, March 19th, in Henderson NV
    POST: A Nuanced view of Tithing
    POST: John Paulien Stages Of Faith
    POST: Russell Hancock on Testimony and The Church
    POST: Joseph Smith and His Critics – July 29, 2008
    Bill Reel in Henderson Nevada March 19th!
    200: Finding Your Truth in your Transition
    POST: A Nuanced View of Prophets
    199: Are There Homosexuals in Heaven

2016-02 (February)
    POST: A Little Heart to Heart
    POST: A Nuanced approach to Tithing
    POST: A Nuanced Approach to Race and Skin Color
    198: My Testimony
    197: Talking Faithfully: Seth Bryant & Bill Reel
    196: The Biology of Homosexuality
    POST: Premium Subscriber Update
    BONUS: Faith Transitions Podcast: Bill Reel

2016-01 (January)
    195: Kathy Escobar
    194: Trust in the Dual Power of The Atonement
    193: Tarik Lacour: Mormonism through the eyes of a Black Man
    Post: Premium Content Site Upgrade
    192: The Collective Church
    191: Perspectives: Nancy Phippen Browne

2015-12 (December)
    Wheat and Tares: Surplus Tithing
    190: Further Light And Knowledge
    189: A Blog About Love
    188: Perspectives: Adam Miller
    187: My Interview #2

2015-11 (November)
    186: Girls Who Choose God
    185: We have teamed up to help the Liahona Foundation
    184: Robert Kirby: Pancake Sunday
    183: A Testimony Challenge Amidst Testimony Challenges
    182: Perspectives – Richard Bushman
    181: The Reel Story Pt. 2
    180: The Reel Story Pt. 1
    179: Handbooks, Policies, and Sleight of Hand
    178: Emotional Gut Punch
    177: Reflections: John English
    176: Reflections: Tyler Daniel
    175: Same Sex Policy Changes: My Thoughts

2015-10 (October)
    174: Turning The Key to You
    173: Thomas Wirthlin McConkie: Developmental Map
    172: Handling Missionary Work
    171: Special Episode – Bill Reel: Mormonism My Way
    170: Perspectives: Brittney Hartley
    169: The Inner Authority

2015-09 (September)
    168: Seer Stones, Folk Magic, and Alvin’s Hand
    167: Chelsea Sheilds: Faith Healing, Medicine, and the Placebo Effect in Mormonism
    166: Handshakes and Drawn Swords II

2015-08 (August)
    165: Revisiting Our Bad Days
    164: Blake Ostler: Wise Pearls
    163: Randal Wright: The Book of Mormon Miracle
    162: AJ Balukoff: Mormon Democrat

2015-07 (July)
    161: D Michael Quinn: Special Witness
    160: Female Ordination?
    159: Steven Garff: Gottman’s Ratio
    Bonus: Stages of Faith: Paulien
    158: Tony Fieldson: Compelling Reasons to Believe
    157: Seth Bryant: Community of Christ

2015-06 (June)
    156: Why the pain must stop
    155: Michael Reed and The Symbol of the Cross
    154: Apocalypse Of Adam
    153: My Interviews on Faith Stages
    152: Neyan McBaine: Women at Church
    151: Come Join Our St George Support Group

2015-05 (May)
    150: Annie Hall: Pornography Addiction
    Wheat and Tares: Figurative Allegorical Literalness
    149: When We Get It Wrong
    148: T.C.Christensen: Cokeville Miracle
    147: The Truth About Marriage
    146: David Barker: Science and Religion
    145: Daniel Johnson: Book of Mormon Geography
    144: Craig Harline: Way Below the Angels

2015-04 (April)
    143: Robert Keeley: More Than Ages & Stages
    142: The Flood and its Barriers to Faith
    141: Handshakes and Drawn Swords
    140: Chris Reeve: Church Discipline
    139: Greg Kearney: Mormonism & Masonry
    138: Derek Clegg’s Music
    137: Our Own Little Rameumptoms

2015-03 (March)
    136: Margaret Placentra Johnston: Faith Beyond Belief
    135: Spencer Fluhman’s talk “Faith In The Past”
    Post: We are Moving to Saint George
    134: Jon Westover and Bill Reel on Faith Transitions
    133: Brian Whitney: Mormonism In Context
    132: Doctrine of Inclusion
    131: Short Recap of the Trip to Vegas

2015-02 (February)
    130: Samuel Brown: Holy Dying
    129: Dark Night of the Soul
    128: Jeff Olsen: Near Death Experiences
    127: Adam Miller: Letter to a CES Student
    126: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 3

2015-01 (January)
    125: Reconciling Special Witnesses
    124: Faithfully Courageously Mormon
    123: Ty Mansfield: A Spiritual Journey with Same Sex Attraction
    Wheat and Tares: Are Doubter’s Welcome?
    123: True Believing Atheist Mormon
    122: Brian Hauglid: The Book of Abraham
    121: Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path

2014-12 (December)
    120: My Interview
    119: Brian Hales and Joseph Smith’s Pre-Nauvoo Accusations
    118: 2014 Xmas Special – The Christmas Story
    Post: Year End Podcast Update
    117: Armand Mauss: Shifting Borders
    116: Dr Rick: Mental Illness and Depression
    115: Bill Reel’s appearance on the American Freethought Podcast
    114: Kevin Kloosterman: Mormon LGBT ally
    113: Special Episode: Our Bad Days

2014-11 (November)
    112: Amy Cartwright: The Role of Women
    111: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 2
    110: Lord Is it I
    109: Jeff Burton: For Those Who Wonder
    108: Russell McConkie: Genesis Evolution
    107: The Cost of Discipleship

2014-10 (October)
    106: Jon Young: Faithful Framing
    105: Grace and It’s Changing Power
    104: Wendy Montgomery: Charity towards all
    103: Fiona & Terryl Givens: Crucible of Doubt
    Bonus: NT Wright: Historical Jesus PT4
    Bonus: NT Wright: Historical Jesus PT3
    Bonus: NT Wright: Historical Jesus PT2
    Bonus: NT Wright: Historical Jesus PT1
    102: David Bokovoy: Historical Jesus

2014-09 (September)
    101: Mitch Mayne: Mormon and Gay
    100: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 1
    099: Jeff Lindsay: Mormanity
    098: 15 ways to help
    097: Men to Boys: Development of the Priesthood

2014-08 (August)
    096: Jediism: Temple of The Jedi Order
    095: Julie Willis: Asking Questions
    094: David Bokovoy: Authoring the Old Testament
    093: White Shirt Phenomena

2014-07 (July)
    092: Blind Obedience
    091: Mark Staker: Church History in Ohio
    090: Elder Oaks: the Sisters’ Power and Authority
    089: Charlie Harrell: This is my Doctrine

2014-06 (June)
    088: Raelism: Faith of the Elohim
    087: Vickey Pahnke Taylor: Goodness Matters
    086: Jim McConkie: Reflections of Church and Family
    085: Richard Poll: Iron Rodders and Liahonas

2014-05 (May)
    084: Kevin Christensen: Discerning True Prophets
    083: Nancy Phippen Browne: Help Thou Mine Unbelief
    082: Nick Galieti: Come Let Us Reason together
    081: Attitude of Gratitude
    080: Was Jesus Born on April 6th?
    079: My current views on SSA and homosexuality

2014-04 (April)
    078: Advice for Family
    077: Gospel Guilt Trip
    076: Matt Fradd: Catholic Apoligist
    075: Patriarchal Blessing: My struggle in Church Dynamics

2014-03 (March)
    074: Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye: Church Culture
    073: Unrighteous Dominion
    072: Garden of Eden: Literal of Figurative
    071: Janet Eyring: Once Was Lost But Now Am Found

2014-02 (February)
    070: My request to Church Leadership
    069: Jennifer Finlayson-Fife: LDS sexuality
    068: Fisher’s of Men
    067: Repercussions of the’s Race article

2014-01 (January)
    066: Valerie Hudson: Mormon Feminist
    065: Race, Priesthood, and Doctrine
    064: Called Of God

2013-12 (December)
    063: Mark Ashurst-McGee: Church History Department
    062: Seth Payne
    061: Unity vs Diversity
    060: Blair Hodges: Maxwell Institute

2013-11 (November)
    059: Susan Swann: Coming Home
    058: Seer Stones and Treasure Digging
    057: My Journey Through These Phases
    056: Transitional Phases of Faith

2013-10 (October)
    055: Nick Galieti: James Rasband and the Atonement of Christ
    054: Terryl Givens: Crucible of Doubt
    053: Grace Fireside: His Grace is Suffcient
    052: Richard Bushman: Rough Stone Rolling

2013-09 (September)
    051: Karin Mecham: Teenage Pregnancy
    050: Jon Westover and Bill Reel: Doctrine
    049: Claudia Bushman: Mormon Women Have Their Say
    048: Caroline Kline: Mormon Women Have Their Say
    047: Adam Miller: Rube Goldberg Machines

2013-08 (August)
    Wheat and Tares: Faith & Doubt
    046: Patrick Mason: War and Peace
    045: The Virtue of Patience
    044: Russell Stevenson: Elijah Abels First Black Mormon
    043: Nick Galieti- The Good Word

2013-07 (July)
    042: Tithing: a nuanced view
    Bonus: Radio West: Hans Mattson and Doubting Mormons
    041: Moroni 7 and Fowler Stage 5
    040: Greg Prince on Faith and David O. McKay
    039: Bushman helps others on Faith Transitions
    038: Rock Waterman: Pure Mormonism
    037: Brian Hales : Polygamy

2013-06 (June)
    036: Reconverted Dot Org
    035: Will The Circle be Unbroken
    034: Steven Harper: The First Vision
    033: True And Living Church

2013-05 (May)
    032: Deeper Meaning of the Sacrament
    031: Brant Gardner: Gift And Power
    030: Mike Ash: Shaken Faith Syndrome
    028: Brad Wilcox Pt. 1
    029: Brad Wilcox Pt. 2

2013-04 (April)
    027: Sunstone Kirtland Talk
    026: Chris Reeve: Philosophical Problem of Evil
    025: Prophets & Apostles

2013-03 (March)
    023: Chris Reeve Pt. 1
    024: Chris Reeve Pt. 2
    022: John Montgomery: Leading With Faith

2013-02 (February)
    021: Charles Anthon and the Lost 116 pages
    020: What is Real Faith
    019: Richard Bushman describes Faith Crisis
    017: Matt Francom Pt. 1
    018: Matt Francom Pt. 2

2013-01 (January)
    016: Faith Crisis Training for Church Leaders
    014: Britney Hartley Pt. 1
    015: Britney Hartley Pt. 2

2012-12 (December)
    013: False Assumptions and Expectations
    012: Multiple First Vision Accounts
    011: Brian Whitney Pt. 2
    010: Brian Whitney Pt. 1

2012-10 (October)
    009: Receive the Holy Ghost
    008: Defining Doctrine
    007: Return to Fishing and a Quest for Loyalty

2012-09 (September)
    006: Grace: Perfected in Christ
    005: Doctrine of Christ Pt. 4
    004: Doctrine of Christ Pt. 3

2012-08 (August)
    003: Best of Stories and Parables in the Church
    002: Doctrine of Christ Pt. 2
    001: Doctrine of Christ Pt. 1

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