281: Jesus & His True And Living Church

Orthodox members of the Church constantly point at progressive Mormons as falling off the path, as inappropriately raising a critical voice, as having done something contrary to the path Jesus had set.  Today we revisit the life of Jesus.  We examine his interaction with his religious leaders.  We examine his behavior within his True and Living Church.  Today we ask ourselves how did Jesus live his path in mortality within the True and Living Church and are the progressive voices really that different?


3 thoughts on “281: Jesus & His True And Living Church

  1. Bill, this is a great message. I would have never thought of Christs life and teachings in this way. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I, too, so appreciate this perspective. I have set Christ as my example all my life. Understanding more clearly both sides of the road is so applicable for me today. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Bill, for your message, your voice, and your passion. May the Lord warm YOUR shoulders.

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