275: Satan The Opposition In All Things

Today we delve into the theological conundrum of Satan.  We show that it is LDS theology that Satan is the opposition in the Plan of Salvation.  That he could thwart the plan simply by ceasing his participation.  The Apologetic response would argue that Satan is so pride driven that he can’t help himself but to stay involved despite his actually helping fulfill God’s plan or Satan is unnecessary and that opposition exists even if Satan steps aside.  Either way Satan either is illogical or non-essential.  We finish showing that in light of either Satan being illogical or inessential, it becomes non-essential to believe in him.

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3 thoughts on “275: Satan The Opposition In All Things

  1. For years I wondered about the “Satan” problem. I couldn’t understand, for example, the interpretation of Christ calling Peter Satan: “get thee behind me…”…You know the verse.

    It also never made sense to me how Satan could be so stupid to tempt Eve to take the fruit, when if he didn’t, the entire plan of salvation would have stalled and Satan would have had the upper hand.

    But then, the entire message of “satan” is very Christian, even LDS. We have this perfect polar opposite–God on one hand, and the Devil on the other. Black and White thinking at the foundation of the theology.

    Bill,…your point about tying up the game makes sense to me: if satan (if such a being exists), according to LDS theology, were to simply stop doing what he does, then the opposition would end and the entire process would grind to a halt. There actually is a way for “him” to strike back–and yet he doesn’t? This being who is devoted in every single way possible to thwarting the plan of God….wont fight back with a way he could strike out successfully?

    This is a problem, and I agree it makes no sense from the LDS perspective.

  2. On the other hand, just by this very discussion and the conclusions made, isn’t the adversary sitting idleley by and and possibly snickering just a little? Hmmm? This is a theological rabbit hole that has many more paths of thoughts than can be shared in a comment section. Nevertheless, if it “needs be” a devil…we’ll start with that premise.

    The idea if there is a being (God) with greater intelligence than all of us then it would be reasonable that in an existence of eternal intelligences there would be a equal oppositional figure to such a being. We’re taught in the King Follet discourse that God (as we know applicable to us) had a Father and so on. If that is the case, then wouldn’t a entity similiar to Lucifer potentially exist in some way before Lucifer became Satan? I believe where we get messy with all of this is the assignment of titles, space, time and the way scripture depicts ideas and imagery. We look at these ideas in very simplistic ways and attempt to mold them into our present world. The statement that the Devil is the author of all that is evil is most likely an expression for God’s children to understand in a simple means. If we were to be exposed to the full extent of the “dark side” I would suppose that the reality is much more complex and extensive than we comprehend. If man can’t comprehend the things of God why would they be able to comprehend the Devil and all the principalities and dominions of opposition to light?

    After reading the LDS canon of scriptures on these matters, along with latter day leaders discourses, the Church cannot but doctrinize a actual entity of the Devil. The Book of Mormon has anti-christs that are convinced by the Devil’s agents and so much more sermons with respect to Satan. The Book of Revelation if studied with proper ancient understanding has marvelous insight on agency, Satan etc.. The parallels of the seven churches in John’s day to the apocalyptic future of the latter day church, when properly studied, is alarming to exactly what is impacting the Cburch today and its members. A spoil alert….. the acceptance of modern paganism, adapting modern sexual thought/practice and secularist thought into our Church is not going to work out well!!!

    My conclusion is that there is a Satan that resides in an existence of eternity and that this being is only one of legions within the realm of the eternities. If he can make us come to a conclusion he doesn’t exist by just not tempting us and supposedly thwart God’s plan doesn’t that seem to work also? Since that is one of his motives, according to scriptures, he succeeds either way. See, these are round and round theological brain teasers we get ourselves entangled in and that maybe Satan is not as stupid as we think he would be. See how confused or uncovfused you are?

    In closing, the conclusion that the Devil doesn’t exist and evil is all from within the natural man, then what are we to base our opposition against? We know who God is right? So if there is not a complete opposition to such then is there really a God? Can you have righteousness without unrighteousness? Not that there needs be opposition in all things,…but there always has and always will be opposition in ALL THINGS!! The Book of Mormon has some interesting ideas on this that need to be explored thoroughly….and yes with a open mind.

    I bid you an Everlasting Farewell.

  3. Your discussion didn t include the large implications that no dividing satan has. What implications does it have on temple ordinances? What implications does it have on the value of prophets and scripture the process this false idea?

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