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Cognitive Dissidents: 002: Confirmation Bias

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast, we discuss “Confirmation Bias”.  The idea that each of us is out looking for data and evidence that confirms our present beliefs.


7 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissidents: 002: Confirmation Bias

  1. Well done! Thank you for putting some very pertinent information together for our benefit. I look forward to more insightful and valuable podcasts.

  2. As a trained engineer it was very frustrating to listen people try to find the rule. I was able to see through that much faster than most people.

    But I do understand the problem as members of the church we have created. We have painted ourselves into a corner and sadly most members refuse to acknowledge this fact.

    Faithful members will tell you are crazy, stupid, eccentric for pointing this out to them… Truth is god is bigger, better, and more beautiful than all that…

    we will need to redefine the parameters of our religion to be more inclusive, objective, and truthful. If we can own up our mistakes, and focus on goodness and truth we will be in the place where God wants us to be, but guiding the ship in that direction will take 20 to 40 years.

    I hope as progressive members we can stick around to help the church accomplish that.

  3. Bill,…if I apply the approach from the number guy you played the clip from, and put achems razor in there, I would have to conclude the following:

    1. Book of Mormon is fiction at best
    2. Book of Abraham is a fable, and the founding story is a lie
    3. The witnesses to the Book or Mormon were not real witnesses
    4. The First Vision rests on a very week foundation and is unreliable
    5. etc…

    Without confirmation bias, I can’t support those things listed above…because there are sound arguments that discount them

    • Truth is more important than comfort and our search for truth should be encouraged no matter the expense.

      • Your supposed to doubt your doubts, including the facts… after all how reliable is that info that contradicts LDS perspective anyways? Holy Ghost didn’t bear witness to those alternative facts did they?

  4. You’re (sorry guys – hate my grammar, doesn’t help to have a second language).

  5. Very good podcast, esp the ending quote.

    Thanks for the honesty and looking at all angles.

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