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One Family’s Letter to a Leader

For a Formatable Copy – Otherwise the letter can be read in it’s entirety below Dear Church Leader,   Spouse XYZ and I have discussed at length the conversation you had with us at our house Tuesday night as well as the follow up texts the next day and the three hour conversation you and I had on Father’s Day.  […]

275: Satan The Opposition In All Things

Today we delve into the theological conundrum of Satan.  We show that it is LDS theology that Satan is the opposition in the Plan of Salvation.  That he could thwart the plan simply by ceasing his participation.  The Apologetic response would argue that Satan is so pride driven that he can’t help himself but to […]

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PREMIUM: Word Of Wisdom

Today we discuss the Word of Wisdom or better yet section 89 of the D&C.  Today we talk about the history of the Word of Wisdom, what it means to be Revelation or better yet what it means to be Canon, better yet what it means to be binding on the people.  And if Binding […]

Radio Free Mormon: 016: Make Way For Dodos

Today Radio Free Mormon, finds himself deep behind enemy lines, as he tackles the recent retraction of the faith promoting story told by Elder Jeffrey R Holland about one brother finding his long lost sibling while on his mission.  Take a deep breath, grab your ice cold herbal tea, and enjoy an intellectual walk though the […]

Radio Free Mormon: 015: Apostolic Coup-D- Etat pt 2

Today we delve into Part 2 regarding the process by which Apostles became the ruling body in the LDS Church.  The different leadership bodies, who had a higher authority and stewardship, what happened at Joseph Smith’s death, who he had appointed as his successor, and how the Quorum of the twelve removed every other possible […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 003: Perfectionism

Today on the Mormon Wellness Project mental health professional Wendy Perry dives into the idea of perfectionsim.  What is it that has us trying to be perfect and within Mormonism trying to achieve our salvation on our own?  Is perfectionsim healthy and what can we learn from others who have had to work through dealing […]

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274: Safe and Unsafe Boundaries in Mormonism

Today we hit on Boundaries.  Healthy boundaries and more specifically unhealthy boundaries.  We use the example of a Bishop’s interview with a youth.  We directly talk about the distorted boundaries in this interaction but we also speak about how distorted boundaries travel with us through life and set up a relaxed and blind trust in […]

Mormon Awakenings: 011: Santa Claus and Drug Addicts

Jack Naneek tackles life’s purposes in teaching us fact from fiction, faith from fantasy.  He dives deeply into our errors of prejudging others based on appearance or disposition.  The storms of life are considered, and, understood as necessary for showing us that there is a more powerful force guiding us through them.