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227: Warning Signs of an Unsafe Group

This one was painful to do.  Yet if we are ever going to become Zion we need to be able to honestly look at ourselves in the mirror.  Do we have the traits of an unsafe group?  Do we have a safe space for folks to develop faith within?  Today I tackle what general warning […]

POST: Various Voices In Mormonism

We are at a Crossroads in Mormonism.  For the first time ever we live in a generation where information of broad scholarship and deep reflection is available to all who have a computer or smart device and a internet connection.  In this cultural milieu people are able to step outside insular beliefs and are opened […]

226: Nuanced Approach to Doctrine

To the Orthodox Believer who still holds belief that Doctrine in our faith equals Truth.  Or the idea that when the prophet speaks or when all 15 top leaders are unified that we have certainty that God has spoken.   It may not be that simple.  Lets explore. I validate that Doctrine in the Church as a […]

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PREMIUM: The Adam God Historical Subterfuge

Today we sit down with Corbin Volluz and discuss the nuts and bolts of the Adam/God Doctrine.  We talk about what Brigham taught, How widely it was taught and implemented, How Leaders and apologists have attempted to explain it, and How leaders have attempted to make it disappear.  Once you understand this issue in full […]

225: A Nuanced View of The Church and God’s Plan

For the Orthodox Believer who holds that everyone needs to join Mormonism in order to be be exalted by God, It is not that simple.  Let’s explore. We often refer to our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as “The Only True and Living Church with Which the Lord is Well Pleased” We […]

POST: Mormonism is a Cafeteria Mormon

Often Progressive Mormons are accused of being a cafeteria Mormon.  But once you realize just how much Mormonism contradicts Mormonism you realize that not only is every member a cafeteria Mormon, but Mormonism itself is a cafeteria Mormon.  Once one sees this, one may realize that there is much more room and space for oneself […]

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PREMIUM: Team Korihor

Today We discuss the Anti-Christ Korihor in Alma Ch. 30.  We talk about half truth that he teaches, Korihor’s illegal arrest, the value of some of what he said, and what differentiated his doubt and behavior and sign seeking from that of Thomas in the New Testament.    Thanks for listening!!!!

224: Stepping off the Narrow Way

Today I talk a little about Eastern Philosophy and discussion of the Eastern Principle of “The Way”.  We Americanize Jesus and we Mormonize Jesus but we fail to Easternize him and understand him in the context of his culture.  When we do this we better understand what he is asking of us and why a […]

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PREMIUM: Miracle Mike

Today we tell a true story about a fascinating Chicken named Mike.  There are several points to such a tale.  False Assumptions, doubting that things are possible, perspective on Shiz from the Book of Mormon, and lastly the idea that too many of us Mormons turn our brains off when we go to Church.  Today […]

223: Throwing In With Jesus

Today I sit down and explain why I maintain faith in Jesus Christ.  I share my grapple with the historical Jesus and why logically and spiritually I throw in with Jesus.  I hope this is helpful in your journey to lead with faith.

POST: Data Points Every Orthodox Mormon Should Know

We Mormons know so very little of our history.  I felt it would be beneficial to share Ten Historical/Theological Points that Every Latter-day Saint should be aware of.  Included will be resources and links to learn more as we will attempt to be as brief as possible with each issue. #1  –  FIGURATIVE BELIEFS Some […]

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PREMIUM: Tower Of Babel

When we think of issues that are barriers to faith, we often think of issues such as Joseph Smith’s Treasure Digging, the Book of Abraham, Stones & Hats, and Prophetic Errors…. yet for me the two biggest are a Global/Local Flood and the Tower of Babel.  We talked about the flood in episode #142 and today […]

222: Adam Miller Future Mormon

Today I sit down with Mormon Philosopher Adam Miller.  It’s his third time on the program and we talk about his newest book “Future Mormon”.  We talk about various aspects of the book which he wrote to his children and to future members of the Church.  What will the future of Mormonism look like?  Time […]